This is an emergency blog kitten. Any scary “must reblogs or etc etc” are permanently unable to harm you because the cuteness of the blog kitten protects you.

Reblog if you would date a trans person


I’m being told no one would by a teacher. I’d like to prove her wrong


This is Squee. He’s a friendly fellow who likes to make sure you’re alright when you scroll past those pesky, “Reblog or this monster that a rude person like me made up will kill you tonight” posts. I know he looks scary, but you should never judge a book by its cover. What’s so scary about him? He hasn’t seen the sun in a few days? He’s wearing black contacts because he loves Supernatural? His spine is a bit out of alignment? He suffers from hair loss?

Don’t be scared of Squee. Lend him some clothes and thank him for doing a wonderful job of watching out for you.

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Found some pics of my Possessed Jane cosplay from Wondercon by the very talented clubsdeuce!

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Story goes that this entity is the most evil known out there and it seems to seek people of all ages that do not reblog this. The name non-tumblr users have already been killed and you’re next.

That is, if you reblog this, he’ll let you live. Now, do it. My friend Katy didn’t know how to reblog and within the hour, she died. I warned her but she didn’t

ok tumblr srsly i fucking hate you but that fucking picture ok i’ll reblog this


this is just so i can sleep alright tonight…

… God only knows, I’d probably react with ‘hey, buddy! wanna cuddle?’


Happy Easter 2014! ::

Stella and lil’ baby Robin, aka Santiago’s ( fancyferengi ) cute kid! wheeeeeeeeee


Girls and their humanized clothes.

shadowdemon101 sent: WOO! Vanston cuties x2! (\0w0/) Wait hang on aren't you supposed to kill your double?



Movie Night Masterpost (all links working as of 26/10/2013):

Lord of the rings:


Harry potter:

Pirate of The Caribbean:

Back to the Future:



In case any of y’all need a distraction. Movies are good.

Anonymous sent: Marcus, how would you know? Mark hates showing off his cute body /0 30\


My ex wife is fucking him. -_-

Anonymous sent: So Mark have you ever walked in on Marcus in the nude?


Well…. one time…


are you taking requests can i have a vriska ballgown or not either is good i just ahhh vriska